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Available courses

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Marketing

Marketing Research

Calculus of One Variable - Section 06

Calculus of One Variable - Section 05

Education Economics

Macroeconomics I

Early Childhood Math, Science and Techn.

Summer Practice II

Summer Practice I

Life Sciences

Motor Development and Physical Education

 Developmental Psychopathology

Intergroup Relations

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Family Systems: Adevelopmental Perspective

Advanced Developmental Psychology

Developmental Research: New Methods and Designs

Research Methods

Research Methods I

Advanced Research Methods and Statistics

Experimental Psychology

Financial and Managerial Accounting  

Research Methods 

Gender and Development

Public International Law

Economic Growth

Graduation Paper and Seminar

Research Methods

Political Economy

History of Economic Thought

Global Economic and Financial Analysis

Strategic Management

Strategic Management

The Concept and Practice of Corporate

Tech.Development & Entrepreneurship

Turkish Constitutional Law

Fundamental Principles of Law

Principles of Economics

Social Environmental Ethics

Letters and Diaries of Great Minds

 Management and Leadership in Educational Institutions

Human Resource Management

Social Media Marketing

Graduation Paper and Seminar

Summer Practice II

Production and Operations Management

Theories of Personality - Section 1

Product Planning and Management

Product Planning and Management

Introduction to Statistics

Civic Involvement

Elementary German II - Section 1

Elemantary German I - Section 2

Elemantary German I - Section 1

ECON 405


Tuesday 15.00-18.00


 The role of economic analysis in the design, evaluation, and implementation of economic policy. The principles, practices and applications of applied welfare analysis. The basic theory of benefit- cost analysis (BCA) and its implementation. A framework of social welfare analysis to a variety of public policy questions such as health policy, the design of unemployment insurance and regulatory policies.                                                                   


 The core learning objectives for the course are to provide final year students with the opportunity to explore the way in which economic theory and evidence can be used to analyze economic policy issues, to introduce application of economic theory, projects and programs for development and their funding and to introduce principles of cost-benefit analyzing of a project.

 The purpose of this course is to examine the role of economics in evaluating public policies, projects and regulations. This course is designed to equip the students with the skills needed to interpret and advise on basic cost-benefit analysis and to enhance their ability to analyze policy problems, find creative solutions, and implement policies and programs effectively. This course aims to improve students’ analytical and intellectual skills through the study of Cost Benefit Analysis; presents approaches to deal with time, uncertainty, intangibles, and issues of equity.

Introduction to Sociology - Section 1

Introduction to Sociology - Section 2

Electrical Circuits - Section 1

Analog Electronics - Section 2

Analog Electronics - Section 1

Introduction to Photonics

Electrical Circuits Laboratory

Circuit Theory I

Psychology - Section 2

Psychology - Section 1

Physics I - Section 3

Mathematics for Education Majors  - Section 4

Mathematics for Education Majors - Section 3

Mathematics for Education Majors - Section 2

Mathematics for Education Majors  - Section 1

Financial Accounting - Section 2

Financial Accounting

Political Parties and Party Systems

Formation of Modern Turkey

Computational Tools for Industrial Engineers

Digital Signal Processing

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Development and Education of the Gifted

School, Faimilies and Society - Section 3

School, Faimilies and Society - Section 2

Differential Equations and Linear Algebra

Calculus of One Varible 

Life-Span Development I

General Psychology

Multivariable Calculus

Statistics for Social Sciences

School, Families and Society - Section 1

Introduction to Education

Introduction to Education - Section 1

Turkish Media and Representation

Introduction to Media Studies

Design of Hydraulic Structures

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Relational Databases

Fundamentals of Programming II

Fundamentals of Programming II - Section 1


Modern Middle Eastern History

Terrorism and Political Violence

Research Methods

Managerial Accounting

Fundamentals of Business - Section 2

Fundamentals of Business - Section 1

Introduction to Solid Mechanics

Manufacturing Processes

Computer Aided Technical Drawing

Software Engineering

Summer Practice II

Summer Practice I

Monetary Theory, Policy and Banking

Curriculum Development in Language Teaching

Curriculum Development in Guidance - Section 2

Curriculum Development in Guidance - Section 1

Civil Engineering Design - Section 1

Hydromechanics - Section 2

Hydromechanics - Section 1

Art Education

Introduction to Art

Visual Arts and Aesthetics

Measurement and Evaluation - Section 2

Measurement and Evaluation - Section 1

Life Span Development - Section 2

Life Span Development - Section 1

Power Electronics

Software Tools for Electrical Engineering

Mathematical Programming for Engineering Management

Manufacturing and Service Operations Planning I

Culturally Sensitive Counseling  - Section 2

Culturally Sensitive Counseling - Section 1

Behavioral Disorder - Section 2

Behavioral Disorder - Section 1

Modelling and Analysis of Uncertainty

Simulation - Section 2

Simulation - Section 1

Career Guidance and Counseling - Section 2

Career Guidance and Counseling - Section 1

Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling - Section 3

Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling - Section 2

Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling - Section 1

Counseling Theories - Section 2

Counseling Theories - Section 1

Community Service - Section 4

Community Service - Section 3

Senior Project I

Computer Graphics

Data Structures and Algorithms I

Community Service - Section 2
Community Service - Section 1

Mathematical Modeling & Optimization II - Section 02

Mathematical Modeling & Optimization II  - Section 01

Senior Project I

Linguistics I

Advanced Writing

Advanced English for Academic Purposes

Structural Analysis

This is an introductory level course for analysis of statically determinate and indeterminate structures. Main objective of this course is to introduce  students the displacement and stiffness

Engineering Mechanics I

Web Development

Discrete Math (Sections I, II)

International Economics I

Games and Strategy

Applied Finite Element Analysis

Mechanics of Materials

Numerical Methods in Engineering

Econometrics I

Microeconomics I

Communication Systems II

Signals and Systems

Aesthetics and Criticism

Foundation Engineering II

Soil Mechanics

Materials Science 

Sociology of the City 

Digital Image Processing

Fundamentals of Programming I

Language Acquisition 

Contextual Grammar 1

Teaching English to Young Learners

ELT Methodology II  

Approaches to ELT Section 02   

Approaches to ELT Section 01  

Summer Practice II_Architectural Office

Summer Practice I_Construction Site

Reading Architectural Precedents

Visual Culture

Books of Architecture/Architecture of Books

Reading And Writing About Architecture

Architectural Design V

Urban Design

Architectural Design III

Structure and Architecture

History of Architecture I

Architectural Design I

Introduction to Architecture